Welcome to Piranesi Press, an independent book publisher.

We publish King James Version Bibles, Psalters, a sundry of eclectic historical reprints, contemporary original titles, and modern first editions of  great Western Civilization literature.  Piranesi Press Editions have limited print runs of 250 to 500 copies.  We accomplish this in the modern Print on Demand world by keeping accurate records of books sold through all channels, and then removing the books from print after the desired number has been sold.

Although our books are produced as paperbacks using Perfect-bound printing methods, Piranesi Press editions are designed with the old-fashioned book lover in mind.  To that end, one will notice a few distinguishing and eye pleasing differences.

Among these include;

…The absence of ISBN barcodes on the back of most of our books as we believe barcodes destroy the aesthetic of modern books and are most certainly not there to please the book lover. We do however include an ISBN number; it can be found on the copyright page of each book.  We generally distribute our own books, and make them preferentially available to online Print on Demand(POD) bookstores that do not require barcodes.  Caveat; in some markets, certain distributors do require them.  However, keep in mind,— (that should one come across one our books with a barcode on it, either in an online bookstore, or physical store),— that the same book may be purchased without the barcode online from TheBookPatch.com.

Secondly, we do not use mass-market book design concepts or engage multi-thousand dollar design automatons, where every book-cover looks exactly like the last one with a few subtle changes.  A  good ninety percent of modern book covers are likely to invoke a serious case of Déjà vu with most readers. Modern book cover designs are like formula songs in the pop and country music industries, designed for fast profits, with little effort put towards artistry and aesthetics.  Beauty is often elusive.  It reminds me of what Stanley Marcus of Neiman Marcus fame told me forty years ago at a Dallas, Texas book signing:  “Quality can be had for $1.00 or $100.00 dollars; sometimes you can find it for $1.00, but other times you will have to pay $100.00 to get it.”  One would be well advised to keep that thought in mind when considering the price of a book.

We also enjoy weaving in a few old-fashioned  manuscript techniques; paying attention to fonts, and orderly presentation of page components such as free fly-leaves, frontispieces, title pages, content pages, and proper page numbering.   We often add unique header vignettes for a touch of old-world flair.

And last but not least, 100% our books are printed in America. Even the Chinese prefer American made King James Bibles over those printed in Communist China.

We are currently working on the design of a few special edition books that will have enhanced design elements.  One or two of these books should appear in the Spring of 2022.

Phillip W. Dyer, Publisher