How to Burn a Witch

How to Burn a Witch In the name of God, the Church, and/or the King and Other Ghastly Tales of Imaginary Fixations Resulting in True Terror and Un-Godly Horror


How the Roman Catholic Church and its agents, joined by European and English Kings, along with Presbyterian and […]

Hatha Yoga Pradipika: A Path to Levitation

From the 15th Century comes a book that contains the most powerful secrets of the Hindu Mind. The ancient Hatha Yoga Pradipika may serve as the historical gateway document for anyone seeking the ability to physically levitate. The powers one may obtain from this knowledge are literally limitless. This book is not […]

Clairvoyance and Occult Power

Clairvoyance and Occult Power, written in 1916, is a how to manual for those seeking the ability to control by mental telepathy those around them. This is a lesson book, divided into twenty powerful lessons. This book is not for those of weak mind or those with acute intellectual deficiencies, and most […]

The Complete Guide to Hypnotism: A How to Manual

The Complete Guide to Hypnotism: A How to Manual is a reprint of Leslie J. Meacham’s 1899 classic originally entitled Lessons in Hypnotism. Quite possibly the most in depth practical guide ever written, this rare and masterful work will unlock the key for anyone wishing to learn the secrets of how to […]

On the Growth of Plants in Closely Glazed Cases

This Piranesi Press classic 1852 reprint of the 2nd revised edition of Nathaniel Bagshaw Ward’s classic treatise on the Wardian case, —or covered glass aquariums and greenhouses as we know them today— , is sure to please the natural history buff, horticulturist, or gardener in your family.

N.B. […]