Banking on Seeds

Banking on Seeds is a seed grower and planter’s bible. This massive volume contains original and historical essays on Seed Selling, Seed Growing, and Seed Testing, Producing and Harvesting Tobacco Seeds, Growing Vegetable Seeds for Sale, Seeds for Rootstocks of Fruit and Nut Trees, Testing Seeds at Home, Proper Packaging of Seeds, […]

300 DPI Pocket Guide

The 300 DPI Pocket Guide is a short and sweet how-to manual directed towards self-publishing authors and small press media tycoons in need of a budget friendly method for achieving 300 DPI book cover images ready for uploading to ones book printer. Direct and to the point, with no frivolous page-wasting jibber-jabber.


Goe Thy Way or Tennessee Squirrel for Breakfast

Goe Thy Way, or Tennessee Squirrel for Breakfast, is a humorous gastronomical look back at days gone by in rural West Tennessee. Chocked full of classic Southern food and wine recipes, this book will become indispensable to the budding country kitchen.

The author reflects on a wide range of memorable […]

Country House Essays

Country House Essays is an eclectic collection of original and historical essays, book excerpts, articles, and poems created for the enjoyment of visitors to the reading site which is maintained by the Publisher of Piranesi Press.

Purchasing a copy of this book is a great way for […]

Heart Health Journal

The Piranesi Press Heart Health journal is designed to help one monitor their daily health and recovery after a heart attack.

With this journal one may record daily medicine usage, blood pressure, diabetes glucose levels, weight, daily diet, and exercise. With 365 data entry pages, progress can be measured for a […]