King James Bible: The Third Crusade Edition

The King James Bible Third Crusade Edition is one of our most beautiful KJV Bibles on offer.  The Third Crusade was launched by three kings; Richard I of England, Philip II of France, and Frederick I, King of the Holy Roman Emperor.  The goal was the retaking of the Holy Lands.  Considered a partial success, the Crusaders failed to retake Jerusalem.  According to Crusade Historian Thomas F. Madden, “the Third Crusade was by almost any measure a highly successful expedition. Most of Saladin’s victories in the wake of Hattin were wiped away. The Crusader kingdom was healed of its divisions, restored to its coastal cities, and secured in a peace with its greatest enemy. Although he had failed to reclaim Jerusalem, Richard had put the Christians of the Levant back on their feet again.”
Size: 8″ x 10″
Number of Pages: 700
ISBN: 9781956964363
Publication Date: November 13, 2021 Buy Now style 2 button